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Soybean planting 2018 & Spring Update

soybean planting 2018 farm dad and daughter

Soybean planting was completed all in four (long) days this year!  Milton planted 328 acres total.  We are hoping it will be a good crop come this fall when we harvest it!

This week he has been hauling wheat that we had stored in the on farm bins.  It’s time to get them ready for the 2018 wheat harvest next month!

wheat kansas grain elevator

kansas wheat 2017


While the farmer was busy hauling wheat I started preparing for my part in the upcoming wheat harvest.  A meal plan and shopping list  were started! I feel like I am way behind this year but here’s to hoping I get some ready beforehand! Made such a difference last year!

scale tickets wheat harvest

I also printed scale tickets.  Our “on the farm” storage requires us to weigh the trucks on our scale and we fill out our homemade scale tickets.  We fill up our farm storage before taking grain to the elevator, this allows us to pick when we sell our grain and not pay storage fees.  One of my jobs, when I’m not at my “off the farm” job, is to weigh the trucks when they come in and before they leave.

It gets pretty hot out in the June sunshine with the Kansas humidity tied in but I enjoyed it last year for the most part.

Farm Wife

I think this year I will be teaching our 10 year old daughter how to weigh the trucks, along with how to do the laundry and making lunch! 🙂

I am super excited this year because my brother is coming back to help with harvest!  I love having him around and he really is a huge help since he grew up on a farm.  We SO appreciate him!



Well that’s a short update from the farm! We hope you are all doing well and be sure to go find us on Instagram and Facebook! I will probably go live periodically during wheat harvest!

call to action

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Cattle, Hay, Soybeans, and More

We received our first load of feeder cattle for the winter on Tuesday, October 24th late at night.  33 head made their way to our pens and they were not happy about being away from their mommas!

farm cattle 2017

I have to tell you that our youngest daughter is very excited about the cattle.  We skipped last year feeding cattle, she has always loved having them here.  Even at a young age she had no fear of them and would go right up to the feed bunk.

Cow playing!

When her Dad told her they would be here that night she was thrilled and the very next morning before school she headed over to see them.  PV also asked her Dad not to “work the cattle” until Friday, when she was out of school, so she could help us.  Then she told me she was going to grandma’s house last night and when she came back she had this for me.

That’s her notes from checking cattle. Those are ear tags in case you didn’t know. ☺ She said she stood outside the pen (just as Dad told her that morning) and checked the cattle for sick ones. These are two she feels need to be watched.  Then she proceeded to tell me Grandma had picked out one for PV like she does every year to watch. E7 I think. 😃

I’m very glad that PV is excited to help us and that it can be a family event.  I know her Dad really likes the moments when she involved and interested.

We always have someone grind hay that we feed our cattle.  I was able to snap a couple pictures, normally I am at work so I was able to witness how it is done.  It was a VERY windy Kansas day and you can barely see the orange tractor Milton is driving!

Hay Grinding

Milton harvested soybeans this week and then the combine had a part break.  He was able to finally get it off and ordered a new one.  He was able to harvest some more beans with the gimpy part! 🙂 Milton has been completing harvest for milo and soybeans without any help.  He cuts the crops then hauls when the semi is full to the grain elevator that is about five miles away from most of our fields.  It takes longer but it saves us money since we do not have to pay someone.  This is the first year he has really done this but it seems to be going okay.

Our annual landlord dinner is this weekend!  I will write a post ALL about it next week probably.  I’ve got a lot to do so I better get going!

Until Next time!