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Farm Newsletter #2 Post – What’s Growing!


We normally send out our newsletter by August 1st. All our landlords receive a newsletter, annual calendar, and are invited to our annual landlord appreciation dinner each year! We take a few different times per year to make contact with them so they know we value them.

We wanted to make sure that we included our fall crops in the newsletter this year.  They don’t usually get as much mention as wheat does.  That is probably because we are just coming off of wheat harvest and are still in the excitement of that, plus I normally take many more pictures of wheat harvest than fall crop harvests! Fall harvest is spread out a few different months with three different crops being grown!

We hope you enjoy seeing what we have planted this year and how we communicated that to our landowners!

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Julie & Milton

Fall Crops corn milo soybeans


Corn : 331            Milo : 123.5                Soybeans: 327.5          Double crop Soybeans: 305

We currently have 203 acres that are irrigated crops and the rest is non-irrigated. The flood irrigation system is more work than the center pivot irrigation system. Milton has to open and close the “gates” of the flood irrigation pipe at various times each day. He normally makes two trips out. The gates allow the water to flow to the rows like in the picture shown above. The pipe has to be laid out after the crop has grown some then picked back up before the harvest this fall. We can not open all the gates at the same time, so he has to keep track of where he started and stopped. This year these three got to lay the pipe out, Julie was at work at her “town job.” She was really disappointed not to help… NOT! 🙂 Paige drove the mule as she has a broken arm but still able to help out on the farm! Come fall the crops currently growing will be harvested. The harvest will span from August – October probably. Beginning with corn and ending with milo in late October. It’s not a rush situation as wheat harvest is in a span of a few days but spread out over a few months due to the varying crops.

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Soybean planting 2018 & Spring Update

soybean planting 2018 farm dad and daughter

Soybean planting was completed all in four (long) days this year!  Milton planted 328 acres total.  We are hoping it will be a good crop come this fall when we harvest it!

This week he has been hauling wheat that we had stored in the on farm bins.  It’s time to get them ready for the 2018 wheat harvest next month!

wheat kansas grain elevator

kansas wheat 2017


While the farmer was busy hauling wheat I started preparing for my part in the upcoming wheat harvest.  A meal plan and shopping list  were started! I feel like I am way behind this year but here’s to hoping I get some ready beforehand! Made such a difference last year!

scale tickets wheat harvest

I also printed scale tickets.  Our “on the farm” storage requires us to weigh the trucks on our scale and we fill out our homemade scale tickets.  We fill up our farm storage before taking grain to the elevator, this allows us to pick when we sell our grain and not pay storage fees.  One of my jobs, when I’m not at my “off the farm” job, is to weigh the trucks when they come in and before they leave.

It gets pretty hot out in the June sunshine with the Kansas humidity tied in but I enjoyed it last year for the most part.

Farm Wife

I think this year I will be teaching our 10 year old daughter how to weigh the trucks, along with how to do the laundry and making lunch! 🙂

I am super excited this year because my brother is coming back to help with harvest!  I love having him around and he really is a huge help since he grew up on a farm.  We SO appreciate him!



Well that’s a short update from the farm! We hope you are all doing well and be sure to go find us on Instagram and Facebook! I will probably go live periodically during wheat harvest!

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