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January 2019 – Winter Once Again

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We had some snow arrive and we received about 3 to 4 inches approximately.  It was so very pretty when I awoke on Saturday the 12th.  We were headed to a funeral for Milton’s uncle (his dad’s twin brother) on this day.  Although the outdoor conditions were not ideal for a funeral it was a lovely service and gathering with family was much-needed.

I thought I’d throw in the photo we had our daughter take of us all cleaned up and ready to go.  I think we clean up pretty good! 🙂


As I’ve mentioned before we do not have cattle to feed this winter, so the only thing getting the farmer up early is the fact that we have a daughter to get to school but mostly the puppy in our home!  I have no clue why but that dog wakes between 5:30 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., no matter the time you put him in his kennel for the night!


As we picked up Milton’s parents to head to the funeral I snapped this photo of their barn and the snow-covered surroundings. I think it’s just lovely!  It’s a keeper for our 2020 annual calendar we make!

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We ended the day celebrating our oldest granddaughter’s 8th birthday.  Time has flown since this child was born into our family . We are grandparents several times over and our littlest daughter is closer to heading into middle school than elementary school!

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The farmer is working on the grain drill to prepare it for the upcoming planting season. Repairs and maintenance is a common thing here on the farm.  We are helping a friend out who has his cattle on our milo stocks for a while.  On days that the water tanks are freezing he (and sometimes our daughter) head down there to break the ice for the cattle. I am very thankful for this because I like to have our daughter experience all kinds of things, this being one.  She loved breaking the ice by the way!


He also keeps busy with going to doctor appointments with his parents, working on his rentals and some construction side jobs.  Life is slower in this season, which I prefer but we still have a large family to love on and a farm operation to plan ahead for.  I work a few days a week in town and I love to make quilts.

To all those in the farming and ranching community we pray that your winter season is one full of time to replenish, safety, fun times and productive outcomes!

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Snow in October

After all the rainfall we had Mother Nature thought she’d throw another fun curve ball in the mix!


Although it wasn’t a substantial amount,  the temperatures were quite chilly! A few days of winter in October were not what we had planned. Our daughter was thrilled that morning when she got up and could run in the snow with the farm dog!

But the sunshine arrived and melted it away and it has been shining all week! 🙂 Which makes for happy people!  Now for things to hopefully dry out by the weekend so Milton can start back at harvest soybeans and sowing wheat!

Time will only tell if he will have to replant any of the wheat already sown or if any of our crops were damaged.  That’s a lot of our life, waiting to see.

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