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The Month Of November

November is a month  when we normally start to wind down around the farm.  This year has been one for the books in regards to our farming operation but today I do not plan to blog about the farm.  I wanted to visit with you about a different topic, one that is far greater to our hearts than farming.

Over 10 years ago we were blessed to become parents to our youngest daughter through adoption.  For those of you that don’t know, November is National Adoption Month.  For a few years I did an adoption series which you can find here.


Before we made our way through our adoption journey I didn’t really give adoption a great deal of thought.  Here and there through the years it sprinkled itself. My first major interaction with it was when my oldest daughter was adopted by my first husband, which was a pretty simple thing he took care of mostly.  But other than that I only knew a few people who were adopted.

We/I went into the adoption sector of life without having a clue and today as I look back I feel like I am a very lucky lady.  When people tell me they are beginning their own journey I instantly get the feeling of what that felt like for me. For someone who usually  likes to be in control and know what is around the corner,  adoption was a tad hard for me at times!

The point to which brought us to adoption was one that began clear back when I was 26 and still married to my first husband, I had no clue that the decision I made when I was 26 would affect my life in this manner in my 30’s.

Jumping to that stage in my life I found myself married to a man who had no children and raising children were closer to being grown than small children.  I started this motherhood thing at 17 and had in my mind once they were raised I could live my life the way I wanted! 🙂

Insert God hysterically laughing right here.

Remember – I like to plan, control and know what is around the corner.  This is one time in my life I can look back and say that I was dead wrong.  That God’s plan for mine and my husband’s life was way better than any I could have come up with!

My heart was changed because I fell in love with a man who wanted to be a father and I like to give gifts that are really wanted.  So my pursuit of becoming a mother a third time kicked into gear and I went into the world of adoption with no inkling of what to do first after making a quick stop at gestational surrogacy.


I did all the things most people do when wanting to adopt.  I  read books, online searching, chat rooms, asked advice, contacted lawyers and agencies and so on and so on.  There were so many different things to figure out for our family.  There were moments of despair and moments of excitement, moments of gratitude, and moments of frustration.

Fortunately – for our family things worked out.  After two years we found ourselves falling in love with a screaming little baby girl with dark hair and big eyes within 15 minutes of being born.   Not all adoption journeys end like this and honestly there were days we didn’t believe it would for us.

us day 2

So for those of you that are waiting to be chosen, to add to your family we wish you the best of luck.  We pray that you are able to stay strong in your wait and that it brings you closer together as a family unit.  I can’t promise you a fairy tale ending but know that when I hear your story, I can relate and will always respect your decision to adopt.

No words can really express how much respect I have for the birth parents that share their children with others.  That grow families through their love.  Thank you is not enough but is what I will say.

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Fearless Kids – She Reminded Me Again….




One of the proudest moments and one that I really wanted to document happened on May 10th in the morning.  It involved one of my children.

Let me give you a little background on our child rearing ways.  Our youngest daughter was baptized May 11, 2008.  This was a pivotal, perhaps the most pivotal event of her life. Becoming a child of God.  Church activities, worship, Sunday school are all a part of her life, and also public school, softball, girl scouts, and playdates.

Today I had a glimmer of light to let me know that we are on the right path with raising our youngest.  We are teaching her that God’s Word is essential in daily life, no matter where you are.

On the morning spoken about, my daughter found her bible case while getting ready for school.  Her bible was not in it.  It normally sits upon our bar area where her and Dad do morning devotions over cereal.  She began gathering mechanical pencils, a bookmark, and the bible.  She made her way out to me on the porch swing and stated matter of factly “I’m ready for work!”  She then opened it and showed me the “tools” she would need!

youngest daughter

I smiled as I was once again reminded by an eight year old that God is needed in all areas of our lives.  I smiled, I hugged her, and told her that sounded like a good plan!  I don’t know what will transpire from here but knowing she has a foundation that will help her through any avenue of life makes this momma feel good.

Now that a couple of days have went by I am finishing this post.  She opened her bible to let me know that she had read it on the bus ride.  That she read the story of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  We visited a short while and then she put it back in her book bag.

I went back and forth about posting this particular family story.  I wasn’t sure how it would be received or if it sounded like I was bragging.  I decided to share it because if my eight year old has no qualms about reading her bible on a bus full of kids I shouldn’t worry about sharing an inspirational story.

I hope you enjoyed it.  This little girl tends to inspire me and teach me things on a regular basis.  I am blessed to have her in my life.  Now, GO INSPIRE!


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