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Farmer’s Occupation- Different Depending on the Day

corn farmer school

Last week Milton visited a couple pre-school classes to talk about his occupation. I’ll be honest, I was disappointed I wasn’t able to go and join the fun!  From what I heard he did a great job and I am super proud of my farmer for doing this!  It was way out of his comfort zone!  🙂  I put together a short powerpoint for him to use.  He talked about each type of crop and shared a few of the actual grains we have on farm right now.

Farmer teach ag

This week he has been working in the farmyard and shed preparing things for planting season.

farmer farming

20170411_111844 (1)

The planting season began yesterday for him.  Corn is the first crop we plant and then soybeans. The corn crop will be harvested in September if all goes well!  While I am here typing this post, he is sitting in the tractor continuing to plant in straight rows, no GPS on this farm!


20170412_164332 (1)

Although he is quite busy, he did crawl out of the tractor to take me on a date to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary.  I recall when we got engaged and we were discussing wedding dates he told me May- September was basically off limits. That October was busy too.   So April 12th it was.  Sometimes we get to celebrate on the actual date, sometimes not.  But going without celebrating isn’t an option.  Farming is important but our relationship is essential for tomorrow’s happiness.  So many things have happened in 14 years in our life together.  It will be interesting to see what the years to come bring!

Now that the farming operation is getting more active again after a silent winter I hope to blog more. What would you like to hear about from the farm?  What things do you enjoy or interested in learning about?

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“But what if I don’t want to farm, Mom?”

“But what if I don’t want to farm, Mom?”

kite flying

That was the question I heard come from my 8 year old daughter’s mouth in the midst of wheat harvest and dinner in the field with her Dad.  I’m not sure if her Dad even heard her.

Harvest Meal

My response was “that’s fine but while you live in our home and are growing up you will help farm.”

I’m not sure if her statement was brought about because this is the first year that I was more active in the wheat harvest or due to the fact that she was bored.   Perhaps a combination of things.

Although it would be a nice thought to have her farm the land her grandfather has, we aren’t forcing anything.  Just as my husband wasn’t forced..  My husband chose to farm because he loves it, because he wants to continue the family legacy.  Because basically he would be unhappy doing anything else.  Sure he worked construction full time for twenty years but he also farmed daily.  A few years ago the roles reversed and I think it has made him much happier.

Even if our daughter ends up a nurse, teacher, CEO in the city, retail clerk, secretary, stay at home mom, or whatever; her agriculture upbringing will make whatever occupation she chooses in life better. ( I think)

PV Field Wheat

I believe that it will influence different aspects of her life.  From the type of man she will marry, to the food she eats, whether she gardens or has pets,  what her work ethic is like and how she treats people.   I was raised the first 11 years of my life in the agriculture community and although I left it for a great many years it made a difference in who I was/am.

Coming back to the farming community hasn’t been the easiest for me but it wasn’t as hard as it could have been either.  Mostly because I had been in it for a short period.   A lot of the difficulty when re-entering came from my own “closed-minded” thoughts and lack of agriculture education.

PV & Julie Walking 2016 TRIx

So, hopefully with the combination of my husband’s love of the farming life and my time away from it, we can raise a well-rounded human being together.

Because honestly, raising her is the most important thing, not the wheat, corn, soybeans, or milo.


strawberry picking


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