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I wrote this over at my other blog Pushing Forward with Grace but felt moved to share it here since we do have a Grace section! I hope you enjoy it.  🙂 

I created this graphic after going through session five of the bible study Sip, Savor, and Drink Deeply by Deb Burma.  You can purchase the study a few different places if you are interested.


Now that I am finished with it I would recommend it to anyone, even if you do not drink coffee.  It includes recipes, craft ideas, tidbits about coffee drinks, and a great many other things about God’s Word. Lucky for me I was able to walk through it with a group of other ladies but it could easily be done on your own!

Now back to that graphic and why I created it for myself.  I wanted to have easy access for a reminder from areas of the Bible.  Some of the relationships in my life are stagnet, not comfortable, flourishing, open, comfortable, or have just gone by the wayside. But today I’d like to talk about one of the most important relationships I have in my life.

The one with my spouse, my husband of 14 years.

When this session was presented before me it was a good thing.  At the time I wasn’t so sure because things were stressful in that very important relationship I mentioned before.  No need to air my dirty laundry or share more than my hubs is comfortable with.  Just know that reading through creating something in me to focus on changing my responses.  I’m still a work in progress and so is he.  To date, I have not been able to sit down and visit with him about this session.  The farmer is too busy and it’s okay, we will when time allows. I have it on the top of our “to do” list!  But I see the help it has given our relationship already, without him evening knowing what it’s about!

When I walked out of the Monday night bible study the night we did this session I saw things differently. One thing I realized is that it’s a duty as a Christian to have those difficult conversations with others.  Am I scared?  Yep.  Will I pray on it?  Yep.  Have I strayed from my faith before?  Yep.  Do I still struggle with things today?  Yep. Have I repented?  Yep. Am I forgiven?  Yep.

Psst….. you can too.  Jesus loves you.

Now, feel free to save the graphic or print it off for personal use.  I plan too.

Grace is a gift,


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When The Situation Takes An Unexpected Turn

A few days ago I found myself feeling a bit scared. You know, when your eyes catch a glimpse of something, then it shoots to your brain, and ends up in the pit of your stomach?

Mine hit me while innocently scrolling through my Facebook feed. A familiar photograph came into sight and I realized within a second I had taken it but not posted it.

Before sharing with you the entire story and send you to the photograph I want to remind people that what you like on Facebook can be seen by your “friends”.  I am now thrilled that my cousin in Western Kansas  decided to click like on something that one of her friends had shared.  Obviously the  article I am speaking of.

The photograph was used in an article a senior at Oklahoma State University had written.  I didn’t know her, I didn’t even know of the website she was writing for.

Now, let me share the photograph that was used.


You might understand why I got that scared feeling, that’s my husband and my little girl. This photograph was taken 3.5 years ago for a post I did for my blog In Between the Sunsets of Life. 

Now I need to add that the writer graciously gave credit to the blog and if you clicked on the blog name in the corner, it would take you to the actual post I wrote.

At the time I became aware of the article, it had been shared 75,000 times on  various social media platforms. That was only five days after it was published online.  Now at the time writing this post it has been shared 165,700 times on social media.

So you are probably wondering what I did next.  Well, I couldn’t figure out how to privately contact the writer so I left a comment, on the post, asking her to email me.  She did very promptly and offered her cell phone number. Who does that anymore?  This was the point when the uneasy feelings starting to become less.

After the second correspondence with this gal I found the scared emotion in my gut changing to an easy feeling.  A smile was across my face as I read her sincere words of apology. We proceeded to continue the conversation and she in fact is a farmer’s daughter who is in communications and just learning the path of being published online.

I recall when I started blogging I didn’t know much about it at all.  Along the way I found a few sincere bloggers I now call friends.  These women helped me to not only learn more about blogging, but  inspired me on topics, allowed me to vent at times, and sent heartfelt love across the miles when I lost my parents.

I know the internet isn’t always safe and there are those that disguise themselves using a screen to mislead others.  I know that words can hurt and damage can be done to all of us via social media or emails or texts.  But I’m glad I didn’t come raging out as a bull when dealing with this particular situation.  For the situation took an unexpected turn and one I am so glad to have experienced.

Whitney wrote a piece that is related to agriculture and she did a fine job at it.  Her only mistake is that she didn’t ask for permission to use my photograph.  In the success of this article being published she learned a lesson and who hasn’t had that experience?  Learning from lessons doesn’t always include success, but I’m glad she is seeing just that.

I can only hope that in my future, when I make a mistake, the ones in my path extend kindness and humility.  Whitney has her entire life ahead of her, I don’t know much about her, I don’t even know if we will share words ever again, but I feel she has that lifetime to move forward in path she has taken with more knowledge.  It doesn’t hurt that she was raised in agriculture either, that will take her very far, no matter where she ends up!

This little surprise turned out to be a pleasurable experience, that’s why I wanted to share it here on my blog.  To share a positive in a time of what seems like turmoil and our faces glued to various screens.

Now, take a moment and visit Whitney’s post about So, God Made a Farmer’s Daughter. Whether you have  or are a farmer’s daughter,  in agriculture, or are sitting on a submarine out at sea serving your country, it’s a good read.  Leave her a comment, she will see it.

Grace is a gift,