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Alittle This, Alittle of That

During April, May, June there is a variety of crops planted.  We have already started with corn and last week dabbled with grain sorghum (milo).  While writing this post the other day my farmer husband was planting soybeans.  In fact, he planted soybeans from about 5:00 p.m. one night until 1:00 a.m. , then headed back out to the field the next morning about 9:30 a.m.

To plant the soybeans we use our John Deere grain drill/air seeder.



The picture below shows him attaching the hydraulic hoses from the drill to the the tractor.  He will operate the drill/air seeder from inside the tractor.


The grain drill is ready to head to the field! This was taken about 45 minutes after we got back from a weekend away! 🙂 Had to get the soybeans in before the rain came through!



soybean planting

Two generations in the field.  Dad and Son Farming

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Farm Post Friday 10/14/16 – The Tractor Seat

Farm Post Fridays

This time of year can be hectic for a  couple days and then at a standstill the next in a farmer’s life.  These are the days when his child may not see him but for a few minutes while he snarfs down his supper or comes by the house for a quick drink of water.

Earlier this week,  my husband was harvesting soybeans from the cab of a Case IH combine and now as I write this he is in a White tractor.


The rain played havoc with his schedule the past week, so he is trying to play catch-up.  He was in pretty good spirits until Wednesday. But between more rain, an alternator going out, and a few other things, you can probably understand his mood change.  Milton doesn’t get too worked up about things and he’s not the grumpy type.  But Wednesday was his day to be that way.

Can you spot the tractor?

I find it ironic that Wednesday was THANK A FARMER DAY and he was in the mood that he was. This day held setbacks verses gifts of appreciation or a quick thank you.  I didn’t even know it until I scrolled through my newsfeed.  I suppose I failed him as well, not even saying “thank you.”   I think all occupations deserve “thank yous” from time to time, not just on a certain day.  Better to spread it out than just a one time deal, don’t ya think?

This is where my husband was by 8:00 am Thursday. We are a  no-till operation but decided since this field had cheet in it that working it would be less expensive than having it sprayed. We have to watch our pennies pretty closely these days.


At 1:00 pm he exchanged the cultivator  for the grain drill. He started sowing wheat  and as I write this at 9:30 pm, he is still at it. Depending on  how wet the field still is or fuel left, those are the factors that decide what time he will make his way home for a shower and some sleep.

I think instead of thanking my husband for being a farmer I’ll just thank him for loving our family and providing for us. For the hard worker that he is and the patience he has.

Grace is a gift,