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1-2-3 Smile – Family Traditions

When I grew up there wasn’t much money. My father worked in a few different areas some were the oil fields, farming, and cattle feed lots.  My mother worked outside the home as well.  It was the 1970’s.  There were  three kids ahead of me,  I was the youngest.

Dad mom family pic


As I go through old photographs I find pictures of us together as a family.  From the funny colored ones to polaroid shots.  The year my Mom got a polaroid it was a big deal!  Most of them from my younger years are posed just so and children sitting correctly and looking forward.  Smiling when told too.

1971 family

I can see the paneling behind us and one of us sitting on Mom’s lap. We’re all dressed pretty decent for that era  and our hair fixed for sure! Which meant the girls slept with curlers in the night before and the one son, well his hair was slicked down for sure!  Everything looks picture perfect although most of our childhood wasn’t picture perfect.

My point is this.  There’s a family –  in that picture. Whether it be a dysfunctional one,  humorous one,  beat the crap out of you tomorrow,  hug you tonight one, it’s there. Documented.  Whatever the type or day it was,  a few people came together to capture a memory.

As I grew up I noticed that the family pictures started being taken by a professional.  Which meant in that day, Sears or perhaps JCPenneys.

famliy photos mom bob


Oh and my mother,when we had a family gathering,  you can bet there would be group shots taken.  As the number of grandchildren grew, there was a new set of photos to be taken with Grandma.

Looking back, I do wish we had more candid shots but I treasure these posed photos. See, my parents are both gone now.   I love looking back and sharing these treasures  with my siblings and children.

Most would say I have carried on the tradition that my mother ingrained in me from an early age. To take photos and be in the photos.

family july

I’m sure my son-in-law’s would much rather have it where we take less pictures but most of the time they give their mother-in-law just what she wants. And on a good day I get a really big smile!

When you look at this picture of my family you can see many things.

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I know I am very blessed to have 3 daughters,  6 grandchildren, with one in heaven, 2 son in laws, and a husband, to call family.  It may look picture perfect. We coordinated the clothes , smiling just right. We even made sure our hair and makeup was picture ready! And look, I channeled my Mom, but I didn’t sleep on curlers overnight! 🙂  Apparently she had more influence on me than I thought! 🙂

This picture is perfect to me but not for those reasons.  Mostly because to me even though we may be a family that at times,  drives each other nuts or hugs in a moment, possibly snarls at one another,  and even judges on occasion,  we still come together. We are still family.

So I hope I pass on the tradition to my girls, or maybe even inspire you!

Take the pictures. Be in the pictures. Take candid photos. Take pictures of the people that are sitting around your dinner table or lounging in your living room, the ones  cooking in your kitchen.

Taking the photos doesn’t mean you have to post on social media.  But if you do be sure to tag them and take a funny one so others can laugh WITH you!

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Photo credit Pam Weaver Photography

Then one day you can look at the pictures and probably remember a really good time or possibly a not so stellar moment. But more often than not, these images will become treasures.

Carrying on the tradition of pictures with grandkids!

I was inspired to write this post as I took my daily walk as the sun rose.  August is a different kind of month for me as both my parents passed away in August.  I think of them often, I look through photos and text my siblings so I can still feel a connection with them.  I’m grateful for the treasure of opportunity before me and the family that allows me to have my pictures.

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2018 Wheat Harvest #1

20180612_154134We began harvesting wheat on June 12th this year and as I type this post to this point it has went pretty well.  We didn’t plan on beginning so early  but that’s how farming goes.  You plan one thing and the opposite will happen.  The warm and windy days prior to the 12th made it so the wheat was ready to harvest sooner than later!

The first day Milton was able to harvest around 40 some acres on the field we call North of Charles.  That field we finished up on the 13th around 4:30 and headed to the field we call Disposal well.  Don’t you love the “names” we give our fields?   Some are named after landowners or where they are located from the farm. If you call it something else you could end up in a totally different location than where the combine is!  So pay attention!

I spent the first day not helping but the second day I left my town job early to weigh trucks at our home storage.  We fill our grain bins with the grain so we can pick when to sell it and haul to the elevator.  We farm within 5 miles of the farm so that is quite convenient for us.

We do crop share with some of our landowners so that grain is hauled to the grain elevator when it is harvested.  This takes longer obviously because there is a short drive but also the time to wait in line with the rest of those hauling grain!

20180612_202415 1.jpg

I totally didn’t plan well for this wheat harvest like I did in 2017.  I did buy meat and did a little menu options but didn’t prep ANY food.  I regret that now, but May was not my month personally!  The first night we had a wonderful one pot meal!  Roasted chicken & veggies then the second night it was tacos and rice!  Nothing fancy the longer harvest goes on! 🙂 Tonight will probably be take out or leftovers

By the end of our second day of wheat harvest 2018 we were able to cut around 140 acres I think.  Come Wednesday the third day my husband decided that he wasn’t ready to miss his daughter’s softball games.

20180613_200022 1

He climbed out of the combine, stopped harvesting, and headed five miles into town to watch her play.  Some day I know that she will really appreciate this effort on his part.  She is lucky to have a Dad that is active in her life!  He might miss the one Friday night but he will be there in spirit and my pics/videos!  We enjoyed the game and they won 20 to 5!


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