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Julie & The Blog

Hey I’m Julie!


You’ll find that I write from my heart and am honest in what I express on my blogs. I have been blogging since 2012.  Farming Grace Daily was created to combine two blogs, to bring more simplicity into my life. It was finally time to just create a blog that was the final stop on my writing of life. ( Or so I thought, 2016….)

Our family is composed of a few people.   Myself, my farmer husband, three daughters, two son-in-laws, four grandchildren, and two grand-dogs.  My daughter’s ages span from 29 to 24 to 9.

Family 2015

I worked full time most of my life until 2014.  I am now (primarily) a stay at home mother and dabble in the homemade goodness department!  My life has had many twists and turns but at the age of 46 I’m happy to say it’s more of a straight path than ever.  And I’m just fine with that!


Now about the blog!

Grace Section

I believe in God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth.  Jesus Christ is my savior and I belong to a  Lutheran- Missouri Synod (country) church.  To read more about my faith journey and that section of the blog, click on the tab named Grace.

Ephesians 2 8-9

Farming Section

When I came home from the hospital from being born, my home was at a cattle feed-lot in Kansas.  So my life in the country began right away. My journey did take me to town for quite a few years but over 13years ago I married a farmer.  That is when my journey found it’s way back to the country life.  You can read more about our farm life by clicking on the tab named Farming.


My hope here at Farming Grace is to share a personal connection on two different levels.  One is the farm life in hopes to share knowledge, stories, and honor the farming community.  The other one is to share on a personal level the journey of finding my way closer to God,  sharing His word, living a life daily with His grace, and letting that be enough.

On both levels I want to inspire, help, and learn myself about what is here for me while on earth.  I hope you enjoy the blog.

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