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Farming Grace Giveaway!


I decided to start my new blog by having a giveaway!  It’s just some simple things that are homemade by me!

2016 Blog giveaway enhanced

Blueberry Jam, 2016 Calendar, and a hand – embroidered flour sack tea towel!

I’ll make this short and sweet! We’ll keep the rules simple too!

Rules to enter!

  1. Comment on this post what month your birthday is in.
  2. Share the post on any or all of your social media!  Comment which ones you did share it on!
  3. Do these by Jan. 9th!  Winner announced Jan. 10th!

(Just remember, we want to share our blog experiences with lots of people!  So you sharing can help a great deal!)

FYI to my immediate family….. If you are related to me in the form of child, sibling, nieces or nephew (in-law included) you can’t play this time. BUT if you like what you see I can make you a calendar or towel anytime!   Feel free to still share and like with your friends though! Thank you!

call to actionMeet me back here on January 10th to see who won the drawing!


Drawing is closed as we have drawn a winner!




Grace is a gift,


Author: Julie

To know more about me go to my blog.

24 thoughts on “Farming Grace Giveaway!

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  2. My birthday is in April. I’ve shared on Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, and Google. And I’m sure this blog is going to be a wonderful addition!

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  3. September, the very best month of course!

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  4. My birthday is in May. I shared the post on Facebook. I absolutely love your blog!

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  5. My birthday is November! Can’t wait to see your new posts! I shared it on Facebook!

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  6. My birthday is in June! Enjoy your blogging so much. I shared it on Facebook.

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  7. What a fun giveaway! My birthday is in October! I shared it on Twitter!

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  8. Hi! I found your blog today & shared on Twitter My birthday month is January. Now time to explore your posts. Thanks for hosting. Lisa

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  9. My birthday is in April & shared on facebook. That is all I have the patience to try to figure out & somedays it even tries my patience! 🙂

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  10. Hi Julie, congratulations on taking the step to start blogging. My birthday is in April. I also am/was a blogger. I haven’t posted since last March or April probably. I met the most wonderful people through blogging and I wish you much joy with yours too. Thank you for the chance to win such a nice prize package Happy New Year to you & your family. I’ll be sharing on twitter here:
    & facebook here:


    • Tracy, Thanks for commenting & sharing! I have blogged before on two other outlets, this is a combination of them now. To simplify my life!~ 🙂 I’ve met some amazing women through blogging just as you have met people! It’s a great way for me to educate about farm life and write to express myself. April is a great month, my husband & I married that month! 🙂 Thanks again & I will check out your sites!


  11. June is my birthday.
    Facebook is where I’ll share!


    • Thanks, I love June DAUGHTER! Did you read the rules! :)LOL But don’t worry I’m sure you will receive some embroidered items in the future! June began my journey as a mommy 27 years ago! Wait… I’m not that old! Thanks for sharing dear one!


  12. My birthday is in April. I’m sharing this post to Facebook & on Pinterest.

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  13. Hi Jules! I don’t think it’s fair to throw my name in the mix since I have access to all of your wonderful homemade goodies. But, of course I shared this and you know my birthday. Llyas! Lis


  14. That looked wonderful! and love the new blog! thanks for linking this up with us at Country Fair Blog Party! I hope you’ll come back in February and share your talents with us again!
    Jan @ Tip Garden

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