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Farming Grace Giveaway!

I decided to start my new blog by having a giveaway!  It’s just some simple things that are homemade by me!

2016 Blog giveaway enhanced

Blueberry Jam, 2016 Calendar, and a hand – embroidered flour sack tea towel!

I’ll make this short and sweet! We’ll keep the rules simple too!

Rules to enter!

  1. Comment on this post what month your birthday is in.
  2. Share the post on any or all of your social media!  Comment which ones you did share it on!
  3. Do these by Jan. 9th!  Winner announced Jan. 10th!

(Just remember, we want to share our blog experiences with lots of people!  So you sharing can help a great deal!)

FYI to my immediate family….. If you are related to me in the form of child, sibling, nieces or nephew (in-law included) you can’t play this time. BUT if you like what you see I can make you a calendar or towel anytime!   Feel free to still share and like with your friends though! Thank you!

call to actionMeet me back here on January 10th to see who won the drawing!


Drawing is closed as we have drawn a winner!




Grace is a gift,